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Reverend Abe Simon, 89, a pastor at Clover Hill Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia, was drafted on this 18th birthday and served all of us during World War II.  He did not receive his high school diploma.

Last fall, he visited his Orangefield, Texas hometown, and his high school.  He asked for his grades, and when his year of graduation was needed, Simon said, “Honey, I didn’t [graduate]”.

Blessings to Orangefield High School for their actions.  Simon was asked to return in one hour, and in THAT ONE HOUR, he was given his grades, and led to the gymnasium.

“So I came back.  They had the marching band, and they had the high school in the gym.  They had my cap and gown and my diploma, ” Simon said.

In addition, Simon will return to Orangefield High School in May, walk with the class of 2017, and give the commencement address.  His 96-year old brother, also drafted, will graduate in 2017 alongside Simon.

Incidentally, state legislation allows World War II veterans, who left high school to fight for our Freedoms, as qualified to receive a diploma.  Simon nor his brother knew this.

God Bless these men, and Orangefield High School.  Be Inspired.  Go out, now, and do something good.


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