Wayne Grudem Walks It Back

I think Wayne Grudem should have been aware of a lot of the Trump accusations before he wrote his first piece endorsing Trump. It was pretty public, before that piece, how Trump had treated single moms, widows, and workers.

But with the latest revelation caught on video, of Trump in Trump’s own words, Grudem has walked back his endorsement of Trump and is now fairly ambivalent about his choice for President.

I totally understand people wanting to go in and vote for Trump over Hillary. They have concluded they at least have a shot at a Supreme Court pick, which they do not have with Clinton. I have concluded differently, but I understand their decision.

What I have never understood is Christians championing Trump as some great man or someone who will aid the church. I think he will do far more damage internally to the church than Hillary Clinton. So I’m glad Grudem has seen the light and walked back his earlier endorsement.

I also hope he remains skeptical of whoever urged him to endorse in the first place.

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