Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. speaks during a town hall meeting with employees of BAE Systems in Nashua, N.H., Monday Feb. 8, 2016. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

We Can’t Be Done With Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio is a good man who, as his campaign wound down to today in Florida, spoke clearly and boldly with principled conviction.

Marco Rubio needs to stand down now in this race and urge his supporters to get behind Ted Cruz. Cruz is the only viable option at this point, given the delegates he has and will accumulate tonight, to stop Donald Trump.

But I cannot bring myself to think this the end for Marco Rubio. He is a good Christian family man, a principled conservative, and willing to take on fights he believes in. He is young and has a future in American politics.

I do, however, think it is time for him to leave the stage tonight and call on everyone to rally against Trump. But that means Rubio must lead his supporters in a direction and not just let it float out there that they should stop Trump.

Ted Cruz needs Marco Rubio and if Rubio is serious about #NeverTrump, then tonight he needs Ted Cruz.

The smart guys are no doubt whispering to Marco Rubio that he needs to stay in the race. These are the same smart guys who told him to hang tough and he could win Florida. Tonight he needs to turn off their advice and lead his supporters to the only boat still floating that can sink Donald Trump.

A lot of hope in Rubio’s rebound in Florida appears now to have been wishful thinking. Stopping Trump is not wishful thinking. It can happen and Marco Rubio can play a vital role in that effort.

Along the way, I hope we have not seen the last of Marco Rubio. God speed.

Update: He has suspended his campaign.

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