We Did It

Christy and I registered tonight at Target for the baby. There is soooooooo much stuff out there. Good grief!

There’s the Pack-N-Play, the stroller with the carrier built in, the swing, the high chair, etc., etc., etc. Not that registering for a baby is a tough as raising a baby, but again — good grief! It was a lot of fun to pick stuff out, but kind of exhausting too. Of course we registered for the Baby Einstein stuff.

I, of course, always worrying about money, like the whole idea of other people buying stuff for us. But, it is also kind of intimidating to think about the costs of a child over the long haul.

Tomorrow night we start birthing classes.

We are, in case you are wondering, having a girl (we think). The docs aren’t 100% sure. So far we have settled on the name Evelyn.

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