We Have A Right To Know Who Lied To Us About Iran

The State Department is a hive of liars. As I’ve always said, “the fish stinks at the head,” and no organization can endure nearly eight years of the duo of Grandma Nixon and Feckless Kerry at the helm and remain truthful.

When Fox News’ James Rosen’s question and State’s answer regarding direct negotiations with Iran from a 2013 press briefing was removed from the tape and replaced with a white flash editing transition, State’s initial reaction was “who, me?”

Faced with an obvious factual problem (in that the “glitch” explanation was patently false beyond argument), State Department spokesman John Kirby admitted “There was a deliberate request, this was not a glitch.” But he also said “with great certainty” that this was the only instance.

Yeah, right, and Bill Cosby only drugged one woman for sex.

Kirby also said that there were no rules for this kind of request, so how could be possibly have “great certainty?” That’s an obvious lie too.

State’s answer raises the inevitable question of “who requested it?” to which Kirby replied “noneya.”

I call B.S. on that. Once a government agency admits that it tampered with a press briefing on purpose, there’s no way they can claim it’s none of our business to know who ordered it. That’s Watergate stuff.

CNN’s Jake Tapper also took issue with State’s Nixonian response.

Wow. So, in fact, someone asked the editor go into this video already posted on the state Department website and remove several minutes of it from the archive. To recap, there was first a lie told us to about the secret talks between Iran and the Obama Administration. We’ll call that lie number one. Jen Psaki acknowledged lie number one in 2013 and then someone removed that acknowledgement from the official video. Let’s refer to that as lie number two. Three weeks ago, we were lied to again with the whole glitch thing. When asked who had made the request to delete the video, lie number two, Mr. Kirby said the editor only knew that the caller was passing on a request from the public affairs bureau. Jen Psaki has denied any removal of the edit and this is what Mr. Kirby had to say.

There were no rules governing this action in the past. Again, I find no reason to press forward with a more formal or deeper investigation.

There are so many questions about all three of these lies, including whether the initial lie had anything to do with the administration-pushed narrative sold to the public, that this all came about in large part because moderate elected and before Rouhani was elected and before we get into lies one, two and three happened, the Obama Administration needs to understand that it’s not acceptable just to leave this where it is. Just as the public has a right to know the truth, we have a right to know who lied to us.

They lied about talking directly with Iran. They lied when they removed evidence of their lie. They lied about removing the evidence, and now they won’t tell us who ordered the removal.

This is criminal. It’s conspiracy. It’s what brings down administrations. And like everything else in Washington, nothing at all will happen. They’ll trot out some cubicle-dweller and present a sacrificial goat who will then get to retire with full pension. Just like they did with Lois Lerner.

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