We Have Entered “The Masks”

Conservatives have entered “The Masks,” which is episode 25 of season 5 of The Twilight Zone. In that episode, a man named Jason Foster demands his children wear masks for Mardi Gras. The masks are grotesque, depicting cowardice on one face, greed on another, buffoonery on another, and death on the father’s.

At midnight, as Jason Foster dies, his children take off their masks only to realize their faces have become the masks. Those masks revealed the true nature of the children and they are now conformed to the masks.

This episode is a great metaphor for much of the right these days. A lot of them publicly talk about Christian charity, grace, forgiveness, and being happy warriors, but have taken on the worst characteristics of the left.

They have decided the left has won by cheating, being shrill, being in people’s faces, and showing no grace or forgiveness. So they will do the same. They’ll take on the characteristics of their opponents they loathe in the name of winning.

Kathy Griffin, a D-list comedienne, in order to get attention in a social media age that demands constant buzz, participated in a photo shoot showing a decapitated President Trump. It was vile and in terrible taste. People demanded she apologize. She did.

Then many of those who demanded she apologize refused to take the apology because, though they demanded it, she did not apologize directly to the President. They decided to show no grace and many pointed out that the left would never do that, so why should they?

Friends, two points here.

First, if you cannot forgive someone, you are claiming that your conscience has been more pricked that Christ’s. He was an innocent found guilty, beaten, tortured, and nailed to a cross, but he chose to forgive. And you can’t forgive? Let that person keep on controlling you, then. An inability to forgive only allows the other person to control you and stay in your head.

Second, I’m Heaven bound. I don’t intend to behave like the lost, the damned, and the non-believer. I have no intention of behaving like those whose behavior appalls me and I cannot understand why you would do the same. You think that behavior has caused them to be winners? I can’t wait to hear you explain that one to your Lord on Judgment Day.

Social media is a terrible thing growing more terrible every day. It fuels the need for celebrities to go to great and often offensive lengths to get attention. It turns on its users and condemns them, ginning up social media outrage mobs. It gives all of us incentive to act out and behave badly. Social media encourages revelry in sin, herd mentalities, group think, and the abandonment of grace.

Take off the mask of those you hate before it is too late.

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