We Know Where Grandpa Trump Is

I’m rarely charitable towards Donald Trump, but more charitable than he is with his wth his money. The billionaire has disappeared from the campaign trail for the last week or so, content to lob tweets from somewhere in Florida (likely his Mar-A-Lago estate) where, if the king is having a sour day, his butler can order up a trumpeter to play “Hail to the Chief” at his arrival.

It’s likely the only time Donald will hear that tune played for him.

His disappearance did not go unnoticed.

Donald Trump is headed for his longest break from the campaign trail since voting has started, the Washington Examiner has determined.

According to an analysis of the Republican presidential front-runner’s schedule since he launched his White House bid last June, Trump hasn’t gone more than three days without holding a campaign rally, town hall or meet-and-greet since the first week of November, with the exception of a six-day hiatus during the Christmas season.


But it’s obvious where the 69-year-old has gone. To be with his daughter and new baby, who I assume won’t be called Ted.

Listen, it’s okay for a candidate to take a break for the birth of a grandchild. That’s not politics, it’s life. It’s okay to be a grandpa–I’m sure Zayde Donald, or PawPaw, or whatever he chooses to be called, is a loving, doting grandparent.

Congratulations to Ivanka for her beautiful baby and to Donald for doing the right thing by his family.

Now if only he’d do the right thing by Ted Cruz’s family (sorry, I told you I wasn’t very charitable).

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