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We really do need help and I am loathe to ask given the needs of those along the coast. But we need your help. There are no two ways about it. The finances here are on shaky ground as we continue our work to upgrade the site, reincorporate ad blocks, and bring back the community. On top of that, we are making plans for a Resurgent led conference of conservatives. With more than 2000 responses, we had a 96% “do this” response on the survey. But we need a runway of funds just to get the planning started as we reach out to corporate sponsors.

To answer the question I keep getting, no I make nothing off The Resurgent. I have not drawn a penny from the site. In fact, I’m spending a few thousand dollars a month of my own to keep the lights on. I won’t play the “heath and medical bills” card because Christy and I am really blessed, but I am at the limits of what I can put forward to sustain operations. I’ve got one employee, we pay our front page writers, and then we have to buy a photos package, cover the infrastructure costs, etc. It adds up and we are far more nimble than many other operations.

So no kidding, if you can help, we really do need your help. You can go here or use the secure form below.

I cannot thank you enough and would not ask at a time like this unless it was really necessary. We need to raise $13,387.41 to sustain ourselves for now and we pray you’ll help.

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