Protesters listen to an speaker as the hold signs during a rally against President Donald Trump's order cracking down on immigrants living in the US at Washington Square Park in New York, Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017. (AP Photo/Andres Kudacki)

We Should Be Protecting the Persecuted

It is not in dispute that ISIS and the fallout in Syria are impacting Christian and Yazidi communities, already in danger, at a higher rate than the surrounding Muslim communities. It is also not in dispute that it is harder for an ISIS terrorist to masquerade as a Christian or Yazidi because those communities tend to be smaller, know their community members, and are self-policing. Given the literal genocide ISIS has waged against both groups, it makes perfect sense to me that we would prioritize their immigration into this country are refugees.

I would note, as my friend Sean Davis did, that there was little outrage by the media when Barack Obama decided to send Cubans fleeing their communist dictator home. But they’re all in for those from countries with high propensities of terrorism with a particular fixation on Muslim immigration.

In fact, for the last number of years, the press has downplayed that the Obama Administration bent over backward to allow in Muslim refugees from war-torn areas while limiting the immigration of Christians and Yazidi from the same area. That is an absolute and indisputable fact. It has nothing to do with higher numbers. The per capita ratio of Christians and Yazidi being admitted compared to Muslims is dramatically less, and it is the Christians and Yazidi who have a greater chance of being exterminated.

I believe we should allow refugees into this country regardless of their religion. But I also think it makes perfect sense for our already flawed system to be giving instruction on how to prioritize the influx of immigrants and to do so based on the degree of persecution.

Lastly, I would note that many of those outraged now were entirely silent as Barack Obama’s Administration set up the very conditions by which this genocide has occurred. His refusals to engage Syria after multiple red lines and his post-surge destabilization of the situation in Iraq have all contributed to this.

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