We Should Not Indulge Conspiracies Like This

Compared to President Obama’s birthplace, this conspiracy theory is somewhere in the “faked moon landing” category. But Wisconsin counties are in the middle of a full recount anyway, because Green Party (aka “fruit loops with nuts”) failed candidate Jill Stein wanted to make sure, and the state indulged her.

Here’s what they’ve found so far after 6 days of counting:

Trump has lost 429 votes
Trump has gained 568 votes
Clinton has lost 405 votes
Clinton has gained 546 votes

Trump has gained a net of 139 votes
Clinton has gained a net of 141 votes

Clinton has gained a net of 2 votes after 6 days.

We knew this would happen, because computers are more accurate at counting votes than human beings, and because recounts rarely change the outcome of a race, and never ever by 22,000 votes.

With $3.5 million paid to engage in this silliness tantamount to proving the roundness of the earth, so far each vote for Clinton is worth $1.75 million. Thank God for sanity in Michigan and Pennsylvania, where judges and officials are beginning to realize they’re being punked in the worst way.

A recount that started Monday might end after the state appeals court said Stein has no standing to have the votes recounted. The court said she finished fourth in the election and doesn’t qualify as an “aggrieved” candidate under Michigan law.

The court ordered the state election board to reject her recount petition. The board meets again Wednesday.

In Pennsylvania:

U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond in Philadelphia on Tuesday scheduled a hearing Friday on the request for a recount. The Republican Party and Trump warned that the case threatens Pennsylvania’s ability to certify its election before the Dec. 13 federal deadline. Stein’s team hasn’t produced evidence of hacking, but calls Pennsylvania’s election system “a national disgrace.”

I think Stein’s team is a national disgrace. Trump leads Clinton by 44,000 votes in Pennsylvania (with six provisional ballots left to count), which is about 14,000 votes over the threshold to trigger an automatic recount under state law. There’s absolutely no reason for a recount.

We know why the Democrats want this goat-rope. It’s so future elections can be thrown into doubt more easily. But it’s backfiring, because in Wisconsin, all this work for just two votes has made a mockery of the election.

Let’s put this conspiracy theory to bed and move on. In fact, states should pass laws making this kind of stupidity harder to foist upon election officials without actual evidence.

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