We Should Tax The Indians

We should tax the American Indians. After all, if we are to all be taxed because of present day global warming, surely the collapse of potential trade and strategic possibilities caused by the American Indians’ destruction of Beringia is worthy of retroactive taxation — the Trail of Tears and taking of Indians lands in the United States does not near about make up for the loss of Beringia and what could have been.

Beringia is the name of the Bering land bridge, which existed between Russia and Alaska about 12,000 years ago. Most scientists believe it was exposed land, though some (a minority that should probably be labeled “kooks” just like global warming skeptics) think it was an ice sheet. This is the land the American Indians, who were previously Ruskies, Mongols, Chicoms, Koreans, and Japanese, walked across into the paradise of North America. All agree that what once was there is no longer there. And the scientists all agree that global warming destroyed Beringia.

For all the talk about rising sea levels now in the 21st century, we should pause and remember that just under 12,000 years ago enough ice melted to flood Beringia. What is commonly accepted by most scientists to have been exposed land is now totally underwater, save a couple of small islands. None of the realistic projections for present ice melting due to global warming compare to that. In fact, most of the glacial ice still lingering around is ice that did not melt back then.

So, we should tax American Indians. If humans are to blame for the 1 degree temperature increase we have experienced over the last hundred years or so, then the only possible conclusion must be that it was human activity that caused Beringia to sink beneath the sea. And for that, we need just compensation from the American Indians.

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