We Should Thank Bernie Sanders For This

President Obama officially endorsed Hillary Clinton today. He also met with Bernie Sanders at the White House, probably to hand him a participation trophy–thanks for running, Bernie!

The president seemed to have recorded his endorsement on Tuesday based on those who obsess over POTUS’ neckwear.

We should thank Bernie, however, for his one sacrifice that will at least save the country from the neurotic, shrill stylings of the DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. From Yahoo News:

The Senate aide noted that Fox News’ Chad Pergram reported that Sanders could ask for the removal of Wasserman Schultz in his meetings with both Obama and Reid. In a series of tweets, Pergram said “some Dem sources believe the key to getting unity” with Sanders after a tough primary campaign is “booting Wasserman Schultz.” Sanders’ campaign has also called for the removal of the co-chairs of the DNC’s standing committee on rules, Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy and former Rep. Barney Frank. The Senate aide expected that Sanders will present Reid with plans that would help him join a post-primary effort to unify the party.

And we thought the GOP was fractured. Barney Frank is a wart on the pimpled derriere of even leftist Massachusetts. The further we can get him from anything resembling influence (in any arena, even the Democrats), the better.

Thank you Bernie for your service. Now, please go home.

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