We Will Have to Remember This About Marco Rubio

I’m a big fan of Marco Rubio’s, but I’m also disappointed by his conduct off the trail. He seems far more worried about his own political future than the future of the country.

Given Rubio’s statements on the campaign trail about Donald Trump, he either recognizes the threat Trump poses to both the Republican Party and the nation or he was full of crap in his statements. I’d like to believe Rubio means what he says and believes those statements.

Consequently, Rubio sitting on his hands and really doing nothing because of his potential political future, shows him to be as calculating and self-interested as all the people he claims to be against. That is disappointing.

I have no doubt that had Rubio been on the campaign trail helping Cruz, the tide would have shifted. And don’t give me b.s. about Rubio losing his delegates if he did that. I’ve talked to enough campaign lawyers to know he would not put his delegate count in jeopardy.

Marco Rubio, on the campaign trail, touted the greatness of this country and off the trail has decided has seemingly decided he’s more worried about his future in politics than the future of the United States. What makes that so bad is that so many of his critics claimed he was overly ambitious and the rhetoric was all a show.

It looks like they might be right.

“Marco has significant political capital: his delegates, the delegates he won and those delegates who would show up at the convention and, when unbound from another candidate, would listen to what Rubio would say,” said one Rubio insider.

“Marco wants Donald to lose. If he thought his endorsement would help in California or in Indiana, which it won’t, then he would probably do it,” the source said. “But what Marco isn’t going to do is just endorse Ted, watch Trump win anyway and then, in four years, watch Cruz use Marco’s endorsement against him if they both run for president again,” the source said.

Team Rubio fixating on 2020 instead of 2016 is like Team Rubio claiming they’d win Florida so ignore Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and all the states in between.

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