Clemson players huddle before the NCAA college football playoff championship game against Alabama Monday, Jan. 11, 2016, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

Week 7: Everything You Need to Know for #GameDay

The Resurgent’s team of Philip Swicegood, Josh Hammer, and Dave Scharoun will be releasing its own NCAA football poll throughout the season, along with running commentary about each week’s highlights.

Here are our rankings and preview for Week 6.

1. Alabama (Last week: def Arkansas 49-30) (This week @ Tennessee)

Alabama’s nine year streak of beating Tennessee is on the line today. Tennessee has three of their top players on injured reserve following a loss to Texas A&M in double overtime last week. The average combined score for the past 10 years in this game is 45, exactly twice the average IQ for the Alabama defense. Hating Alabama is the only unifying factor the three writers agree on. Oh, and that Dave’s sister is hot.

2. Ohio State (Last week: def Indiana 38-17) (This week @ Wisconsin)

The biggest matchup of the week should be the Ohio State offense vs the Wisconsin defense. The key to this game for Wisconsin is containing Heisman candidate, J. T. Barrett. With the Ohio State offense having top notch playmakers up and down the roster, containing Barrett is key to preventing the offense from picking up steam. I think Ohio State wins this one handily.

3. Clemson (Last week: def Boston College 56-10) (This week vs North Carolina St)

No one in the top 10 should envy Clemson this week. Clemson faces a one loss North Carolina State, who thinks they have a shot at winning the ACC. Clemson has struggled early this year against inferior opponents, barely squeaking out wins against Auburn and Troy. NC State definitely has shot this year.

4. Michigan (Last week: def Rutgers 78-0) (This week vs Illinois)

It must be nice Michigan, Rutgers last week and Illinois this week? I forget that non-SEC schools don’t play top opponents all year long. Consider this, Michigan plays two ranked opponents the entire season. Two. They beat Wisconsin by a touchdown and face Ohio State at the end of the season. Compare that to your average SEC school who plays at least 6-7 ranked opponents. Ugh.

5. Washington (Last week: def Oregon 70-21) (This week: bye)

This just pisses me off. Washington is not the 5th best team in the nation, period. If Michigan’s strength of schedule wasn’t bad enough, Washington’s is worse. Michigan’s 2 ranked opponents for the season are ranked 2nd and 6th, Washington’s 2 ranked opponents are ranked 7th and 21st. Its going to be very disappointing if a crappy team like this makes the playoff in place of a better team. Im biased though.

6. Texas A&M (Last week: def Tennessee 45-38) (This week: bye)

As a Tennessee diehard, this team is difficult to speak of after our loss in double overtime last week. There is nothing worse than losing a game after its been on for 5 hours. I literally had to walk around the local bar’s parking lot contemplating the meaning of life and reminding myself that its just a game. Didn’t work. A&M is on my ver long blacklist. Next week’s game against Alabama will most definitely decide the SEC West.

7. Louisville (Last week: loss Clemson 42-36) (This week: bye)

Seriously, why are so many top 10 teams on bye this week? I think Louisville has a chip on their shoulder and wins out. They are an excellent team and are collectively pissed they let Clemson win. Clemson better thank their lucky stars/tiger they won that game because I don’t think they would win it again. If Louisville wins out, they control their own destiny and will make the playoffs. With their explosive offense, this is not the team I would want to play.

8. Wisconsin (Last week: loss Michigan 14-7) (This week vs Ohio State)

Wisconsin may have the single strongest schedule of any non-SEC team, facing 5 opponents ranked in the top 10. FIVE. Good for them, screw Washington and Michigan. As strong as their schedule is, this week will  be very challenging for them. The good news is its a home game. The bad news is I would bet larges sums of Josh Hammer’s money that they would lose. ESPN gives Ohio State a 71% chance of winning.

9. Tennessee (Last week: loss Texas A&M 45-38) (This week vs Alabama)

I think this game is similar to the Ohio State vs. Wisconsin game. Alabama is playing in Knoxville but is still the heavy favorite. With Tennessee’s three best players out, Alabama should have no problem. It causes me literal, unmitigated pain to say this as a Tennessee fan.

10. Nebraska (Last week: bye) (This week @ Indiana)

Here’s an inside hint, Nebraska isn’t that good. The only reason they are this high is they haven’t played anybody yet. Their only ranked opponent so far was Oregon who, to put it lightly, has struggled this year. Nebraska faces Wisconsin and Ohio State later this year. Still, they are likely to go 10-2 with the possibility of an upset in one of those games. Not a bad spot to be in.

11. Baylor (Last week: bye) (This week vs Kansas)

12. Ole Miss (Last week: def Memphis 48-28) (This week @ Arkansas)

13. Houston (Last week: loss Navy 46-40) (This week vs Tulsa)

14. Florida State (Last week: def Miami 19-20b) (This week vs Wake Forest)

15. Boise State (Last week: def New Mexico 49-21) (This week Colorado State)

16. Miami (Last week: loss Florida State 20-19) (This week vs North Carolina)

17. Virginia Tech (Last week: Def North Carolina 34-3) (This week @ Syracuse)

18. Florida (Last week: Postponed ) (This week vs Missouri)

19. Oklahoma (Last week: def Texas 45-40) (This week vs Kansas)

20. West Virginia (Last week: def Kansas State 17-16) (This week @ Texas Tech)

21. Utah (Last week: def Arizona 36-23) (This week @ Oregon State)

22. Arkansas (Last week: loss Alabama 49-30) (This week vs Mississippi)

23. Auburn (Last week: def Mississippi State 38-14) (This week: bye)

24. Western Michigan (Last week: def Northern Illinois 30-45) (This week: @ Akron)

25. Navy (Last week def Houston 46-40) (This week: bye)

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