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June 23 will now be celebrated as the U.K.’s Independence Day. ITV News has called the referendum known as Brexit in favor of the U.K. leaving the European Union. This goes against all the odds makers and pollsters.

At this writing, The Times of London has results with 318 of 382 local authorities reporting of Leave ahead 51.6 percent to Remain at 48.4. London shows 23 of 33 reporting, with 62.3 percent voting to remain in the EU, but that is not projected to be enough to counter the huge turnout in the Midlands, Southeast, Wales and Yorkshire regions, which voted solidly for exiting.

Conservative MEP and Washington Examiner columnist Daniel Hannan, who has literally written the book on why England should leave the EU, tweeted his congratulations to his country.

Financial markets remain uncertain, with the pound taking a dive. But one thing is certain: Gamblers who bet on Brexit are cleaning up.

The Treasury and the Bank of England said they would ensure that markets remained orderly.

At least seven City banks warned clients that they might not be able to complete orders or even “make a market” in the event of a flood of sell orders and a dearth of buyers.

Punters [Bettors] are set to make the EU referendum the most popular political event for betting (Gabriella Swerling writes). “Across the industry, it is estimated that up to £100 million could be wagered on this in total, double that bet on last year’s general election,” David Stevens, a spokesman for Coral, said. Barry Orr, of Betfair, said that the referendum was set to be in the online bookmaker’s top ten events traded according to money matched.

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