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This morning, in Macon’s Telegraph, we learn that Reverend Wright is headed here to preach — again.

Not only that, our new mayor, a white man elected in this majority black city, has drawn on Reverend Wright’s more innocuous sermons in the past. More shocking, however, the mayor here is willing to give Reverend Wright a pass. Oh, naturally the mayor is an Obama supporter.

Reichert compared Wright’s preaching to the Socratic method, which involves extensive questioning of the facts of an issue.

“But do you remember what happened to Socrates?” Reichert asked.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Socrates was condemned to death by an Athenian court for charges of “corruption of the young” and “neglect of the gods whom the city worships.”

“Because he kept asking questions,” Reichert said. “So when people say, ‘the United States is the greatest country in the world’ – why do you think that the United States is so great? Sometimes the fiercest patriot can be misconstrued as un-American by raising some of these issues.”

We should point out on this Good Friday morning that Wright believes in the Marxist tinged theology of liberation that has Christ as both redeemer and liberator. The problem is, of course, this misconstrues Christ’s liberation. He did not come to help the lower classes overcome the upper classes, but rather to liberate us from our sins.

And while it may be Socratic, it is still crap. And while it may be Socratic, it is still anti-American rhetoric.

Again though, Rev. Wright is entitled to his views. These statements say more about people who listen to and follow him that they do about Reverend Wright.

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