Welcome to the Republican Civil War!

The reaction to Trump’s racist comments about a judge have been harsh from most prominent Republicans.

David Perdue said, “It’s out of line and certainly not what I would have said. I hope he cleans it up. However, we have 2 options. One is a third term of Obama which is what Hillary Clinton is offering us or we have an outsider.” Perdue did not rescind his endorsement.

Lindsey Graham responded, “I will write somebody in but I am not supporting Donald Trump, I am not supporting Hillary Clinton. These are 2 flawed candidates. To suggest that a judge cannot decide a case because of where his parents were born is a new low in a campaign with plenty of lows.”

Trump loyalist Chris Christie countered by saying, “Lindsey Graham has changed his mind about who he’s endorsing so many times its hard for me to keep count. First he was for himself, then he was for Jeb Bush, then I believe he was for Marco, then i think he was for Ted.” Christie finished by saying that Graham needs to focus on his base in South Carolina or he wont be in the United States Senate much longer. Interestingly enough, Senator Graham was just reelected to the Senate and Governor Christie has a 26 point approval rating in his home state.

Paul Ryan called Trump’s comments the “textbook definition of a racist comment”

Erick ended by noting the problem for Paul Ryan is if you say, ‘What Donald Trump said is the textbook definition of a racist comment but he’s still better than Hillary Clinton…’ at some point, people might stop buying that and then wonder why you didn’t lead. Welcome the the Republican Civil War!


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