Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a event with The Remembrance Project, Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016, in Houston. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Well That Was Awkward

Via Raw Story, the clip above is Kellyanne Conway being confronted with her past statements on Donald Trump. She does as best she can to distinguish between the two, but has a difficult time defending Trump.

I do not envy Kellyanne at all. She is an absolutely delightful person in a terrible spot. I know she thinks she is doing this to stop Clinton and Trump, for all his faults, would be better, but I hate to see her in this sort of position.

Trump’s continued claims about rigged elections are doing nothing so much as encouraging his voters to not even bother turning out. That, in turn, may cost the GOP the House, Senate, and several Governor’s Mansions along the way. But he does not care. I know Kellyanne does care, though.

I know a lot of my friends have no sympathy for the Trump campaign. For those who joined after the primaries solely to try to salvage things, I do have sympathy.

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