Wendy Davis is Unqualified To Lecture Us About Violence Against Women

Having climbed the ranks of Democrat politics through a wealthy former husband and famously advocating for infanticide, the tone deaf former Texas legislator is back. This time, lecturing us about violence against women.

Just when you thought she disappeared, former Texas state representative and gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis (D-TX) is back in the spotlight. Perhaps it coincides with the news that Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock will be portraying her in the upcoming film “Let Her Speak,” but it appears Ms. Davis is eager to be in the spotlight again. This time, painting gun violence as a uniquely anti-women issue in wake of the recent Texas church shooting that left 26 people dead.

Davis penned a column at Cosmopolitan, a sorry excuse for a reputable women’s magazine, claiming women die from gun violence more than men:

And because the majority of mass shooting incidents — at least 54 percent — in the United States involve domestic violence, it’s a “violence against women situation” as well. (And that doesn’t even count the mass shooters who have committed acts of domestic violence in the past and then later go on to shoot and kill people who are not in their domestic circle, as was the case in Sutherland Springs.) … While gun safety may not seem like a feminist issue at first blush, it doesn’t take too much digging to see that women are uniquely vulnerable to and disproportionately the victims of gun violence. As former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords (herself a survivor of gun violence) has eloquently said: “Dangerous people with guns are a threat to women. Criminals with guns. Abusers with guns. Stalkers with guns. That makes gun violence a women’s issue. For mothers, for families, for me and you.”

Actually, men are disproportionately targeted by gun violence more—six times as much as women per FBI statistics. Men are also three times more likely to be murdered than women. Too bad Ms. Davis is selective with her facts.

Does that mean gun violence perpetrated by criminals against women should be dismissed? Not in the slightest. Violence against anyone, man or woman, is unacceptable — which is why groups like the National Rifle Association, National Shooting Sports Foundation, and Becoming an Outdoors Woman, for example, play an integral role in fostering empowerment for all Americans.

Unfortunately for faux women’s advocates like Wendy Davis, you’ll never see her advocate for women to learn safe and responsible use of firearms to protect themselves. Instead, she touts Pussy Hat Economics. (Yes, this really exists.)

This is the same woman who lobbied for infanticide, leading many to famously dub her “Abortion Barbie.” This is the same woman whose campaign mocked her opponent’s— current Governor Greg Abbott’s— disability when running her failed gubernatorial bid in 2014. This is the same woman who rode her former husband’s coattails and relied on him to pay her college loans. She dumped him shortly after the loans were paid off per NY Mag:

Davis’s website says she made her way through college and Harvard Law School “with the help of academic scholarships and student loans,” but her second husband, with whom she had a second daughter, also made significant financial contributions. When the future state senator met lawyer Jeff Davis, she was working two jobs and attending Texas Christian University on an academic scholarship and a Pell Grant. After their marriage, he paid for the last two years of her undergraduate degree. While Davis attended Harvard Law School, her husband cared for the two girls back in Texas and helped pay her tuition, cashing in his 401(k) and taking out a loan.

When asked about the shocking revelation that her spouse helped her complete her education, Wendy Davis responded, “It was community resources. We paid for it together.” He doesn’t seem bitter about it either. “I was making really good money then, well over six figures,” he told the paper. “But when you’ve got someone at Harvard, you’ve got bills to pay, you’ve got two small kids. The economy itself was marginal. You do what you have to do, no big deal.”

Jeff Davis did say it was “ironic” that Wendy left him the day after he made the last payment on her student loan, but she said the idea that the two events are connected is “absurd.” “I was a vibrant part of contributing to our family finances from the time I graduated to the time we separated in 2003,” said Davis. When they divorced two years later, he was granted parental custody and she paid child support.

Where’s Davis’s fury over the millions of female babies that have been murdered by Planned Parenthood since Roe v. Wade? Where’s her outrage over conservative women being harassed and forced out of their homes because of their views? She only cares about combatting violence against women if it suits her political sensibilities.

In Davis’ worldview, everyone is out to get women in America. Women are oppressed, exploited, and second-class if they don’t get government-subsidized birth control, so-called equal pay, or access to abortion. When women decide to defend themselves they get mocked, sidelined, and shamed by radical feminists like her. When women speak out against Democrat elites who control Hollywood, there’s been deafening silence in the past—until now.

I refuse to take the leader of “Pussy Hat Economics” seriously on combatting violence against women and neither should you.

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