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Were Comedians Cowards During the Obama Years?

Seems like these days, Donald Trump lives rent-free in the heads of comedians and writers for shows like Saturday Night Live. Every joke and every sketch on every show seems to point daggers at the president and his administration.

Comedians make fun of Trump – fairly or unfairly – and pat each other on the back for their bravery. But where was that bravery during the Obama years, when there were just as many opportunities to make fun of the man and party in power that hardly anyone took advantage of?

Greg Gutfeld recently called comics out for their cowardice over the last eight years:

Jay Caruso makes a similar point over at Red State:

I think Saturday Night Live has done more skits involving Donald Trump than the did of Obama during his entire Presidency. That’s not a complaint. Just a fact. Comedians didn’t have much to say about Barack Obama, and it’s not difficult to guess why. Comedians like Dana Carvey and Colin Quinn have come out and said people were afraid of being accused of racism. Now that a Republican is back in the White House and it’s Donald Trump speaking truth to power via bad jokes is all the rage.

All politics aside, the Trump administration has provided plenty of low-hanging fruit for comedians; there’s been enough foot-in-mouth moments to fill monologues and sketches on a regular basis. We all should be able to laugh at some of the antics coming from the White House. Plus, let’s face it: we all should have seen the onslaught of jokes about Republicans coming from a mile away.

But how does making fun of the Trump administration constitute bravery? Risking the ire of the Left to point out the foibles of Obama and his circle would take far more cojones than picking on Trump. The willingness to make your fellow Leftists squirm and chuckle is far more courageous than making the half of the country that doesn’t agree with your views out to be rubes every single time you open your mouth.

These comics clearly forget that, to be truly funny, a good comedian must be willing to be an equal opportunity offender. That, or they’re just not that funny to begin with.

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