What a befuddling proposition

Lots of people think I should run for City Council here in Macon. I’m not sure if I’m tempted to run because it’s flattering so many people think I should, or if I am really tempted to run. I’ve always preferred being behind the scenes and, frankly, think political consultants make horrible candidates.

At the same time, my job is, in effect, stone throwing. I do, however, think that sometimes you need to be willing to put down the stones, step forward, and show you are willing to help fix a problem. I just don’t know if I’d regret it if I did not run.

Here’s the thing though — I’m happy where I’m at. I’ve spent years building my profile as a political consultant and an honest broker for people trying to get into politics. I wonder if I lose some of that by becoming a politician myself. And how would it effect my family and my work.

I’ve got to put a lot of prayer into this.

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