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What Are We Doing Here?

I have an ongoing concern that the conservative movement is losing its way and being redefined into a cult of personality that succeeds or fails based on the success or failure of one man. Frankly, I think a good chunk of the conservative movement got corrupted over time. It became about cocktail parties and seats at prominent tables and access to politicians and stopped being about ideas.

I do not believe conservatism is whatever Donald Trump says it is anymore than I ever believed conservatism was what George W. Bush said it was. The ideas transcend the men. To that end, I see the role of The Resurgent being a place where conservatives can get news, but can get involved as activists. I see it as a place where we can recommit to the tried and true ideas of conservatism, but where we are not anchored to past personalities.

Many of you have supported us and I appreciate it. I want to lay out some of what I hope to accomplish in the coming year.

First, I want to resume getting conservative activists together around the country. I do not know that I have the bandwidth or ability to pull off something like the RedState Gathering, but the nonsense at CPAC again reminds me that conservatives need something that is actually authentically grassroots and conservative and not just Republican. There is a difference. It may just be some small get togethers around the country. Maybe it will be one big weekend event. All I know is that it needs to happen and I’ve been overwhelmed by people asking me to do it.

Second, last year the readers of this site helped us get some great video equipment to hit the road and interview conservative thought leaders around the country. Then I got a little thing called clots in the lungs and couldn’t get on an airplane. So this year, it is time to see America and interview people for the site. I want to put up some good videos with some good conversations on what it means to be a conservative in America today.

Third, I also feel strongly that not everything should be political, so I want to resume my “Not Everything’s Political” series of conversations where I talk to people on both sides of the aisle about non-political topics.

Lastly, assuming we can raise the money to make it happen, it is time to turn out user content at The Resurgent. It is going to be pretty costly. But I want the readers of this site to be able to contribute their own content. No, I don’t mean comments. But I do mean that while we have a front page here, I also want to be able to have users submit their own material and build a community of readers. Maybe we’ll put comments on that stuff.

I have seen too many people this past year advance ideas under the rubric of conservatism that have nothing to do with conservatism. We are not always going to agree on the right things to do and we are not always going to agree on whether something is or is not conservative. But we should be able to agree on the basics and we should be willing to defend the basics.

Conservatism is not a cult of personality and I think we serve our readers best by telling the truth as we see it, even if it means calling out our own side.

If you agree and want to help us moving forward, please consider contributing to the site. We cannot do everything we want to do without financial support from readers like you (yes, that was totally designed to sound like a PBS ask). If you are not comfortable doing so online, you can mail a contribution to:

Resurgent Media, LLC
PO Box 28978
Macon, GA 31221

Thank you for your continued support,


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