President Trump addresses supporters in Louisville Kentucky. Photo Courtesy by Michael Clevenger

What Dennis Prager Gets Absolutely Right

No need to rehash all of Dennis Prager’s column, but in my disagreement on a few of his points I overlooked what is also worth noting — what he got absolutely right.

A lot of folks who do not like the President do not understand that there are a lot of Americans who really feel under attack, overwhelmed, and with no solution on the horizon. They turned to Donald Trump and are sticking with him because all the professional politicians who came before him have failed them.

They don’t expect the President to behave like a normal politician. In fact, they expect he will make different mistakes. But they know the system before Trump failed them and even if Trump fails, they do not think he can make their lot in life any worse. They will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Prager noted that a lot of those opposed to Trump fail to recognize how many people think their lives are in existential crisis and I think he is right. A lot of people could stand to understand Trump voters instead of writing them off as racists and bigots. The reality is a lot of them are hurting and politicians from both parties have let them down.

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