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  • If Eisenhower were alive today, he would weep to see what had become of his party and the depths of corruption to which the military-industrial society had reached. The suggestion that he was attacking the wrong country in Germany is not an apt comparison at all. Nazi Germany declared war on the United States on 12/11/41…and Eisenhower, of course, was not president at the time, nor at any time during the Second World War.
    Rewrite the poster and replace the suggestions of World War II with the Cold War, and Nazi Germany with the Soviet Union, and then you’ll have your metaphor. Don’t twist history in the name of politics.

  • Wisdom is better than weapons of war.
    – Ecclesiastes 9:18

    Biblical quote was also copied from Justin’s Anti-War website. Justin was a speaker at the FFF Conference in Reston, VA in June, 2007. In addition, Justin was a powerful player in the Campaign when Pat Buchanan ran for President.

    Sadly, the media has done a real snow job on the psyche of the American people by insinuating that all people who are anti-war are part of the looney left are hate the country or whatever lies are told. Empire building is what this and all wars, since Wilson’s “War to end all wars.” I hope some of you take the time to read the antiwar article above because you will learn about the people who have supplied the weapons to insurgents used to kill our men and women. I just received a couple of new books yesterday, one entitled “Merchant of Death” written by two investigative journalists: Douglas Farah and Stephen Braun. I caught their interview on Book TV on CSPAN and the book is about a guy by the name of Max Boot who is the “Merchant of Death” because he has access to millions and millions of dollars worth of weapons that he arms the insurgents with, and the kicker is the military unwittingly supplied him with free government gas cards! That is right, he lands right in the airports or his crews do, right under our noses and sells weapons that kill our troops. Think about that Erick and Dennis and whoever is reading this blog, and ask yourself what is going on here? With all of the evidence of the corruption going on, how can you abandon your Christian upbringing and salute this evil?

    The second book I ordered is “Blackwater” about the rise of the world’s most powerful mercenary army, ” and it is right here in the good ole USA. That is right a private military with its own Air Force and all. Wake up people!

  • My apologies, as the man’s name in “Merchant of Death” is Victor Bout. I got him confused with Max Boot who is I believe a writer at the WSJ. So this relates to the above post!

  • Humm, we have a little dissent in the ranks, have you heard what Admiral Fallon said about the independent General. Is it true that Fallon called the General a “chicken shit…?” I suppose we will have to wait for “As the World Turns” when Bill O’really gives us his take from the spin zone. I cannot wait! Admiral Fallon is head of CENTCOM and the neocon leader of Freedom’s Watch ads got embarassed on Fox news while ago when ask if Fallon should apologize to Petreaus.

    What is that famous quote about power and absolute power corrupts? I am seeing this played out in living history!

  • Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Lord Acton, Letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, 1887

  • Great metaphore with General Eisenhower’s time during the WWII years, especially the comparison on the use of his name. God has blessed us with some great generals who have fought to keep our country free. No matter the cost, we will continue to fight to protect our freedom and thank God for generals like General Petraeus and General Eisenhower.

  • “War what is it good for…abosultely nothng” Watch this video and then tell me with a straight face that Jesus would be on the side of this foreign policy. General Petraeus is nothing but a Princeton elitist that would run like hell before he saved your life KM Erickson. These are the ones who pay the price of this so called freedom that you and others have been brainwashed into believing. War is hell! War should be the last resort for nay President to involve our Country in. And this war has the whole world hating us. What will we kill 3 billion Muslims in the world before we can be safe? And what are you going to do when Jesus returns and looks like a Muslim? Think about it real hard because I have done a 180, and it is not too late for you neocons to wake up, too.

  • Ron Paul “He speaks for me.” And Ron Paul speaks for all of us! Help us bring the troops home because they really do want to come home. That is the ones who are actually taking the brunt of this war, want to come home. Why else would Ron Paul get 52% of military contributions for a Presidential campaign in the second quarter? Enjoy the youtube because it is a beautiful messsage, and one of the best yet.

  • Why don’t you enlist? You could turn the tide. I believe in you!! America needs clever patriots like you! Wear this war around your neck like a lovely albatross.