What If…

What if Trump loses in November, which is a very real and growing possibility? What if after he loses the infrastructure of the GOP collapses and what is now a civil war really turns nasty? What if the Trump supporters who joined him in the primary try to go underground and amend their resumes to delete references to Trump?

These things need to be considered and what happened needs to be documented. But more importantly, we are going to have to work toward a resurgence of conservatism in this country. The voices of principle are going to need to stand up and be heard. We all have different ideas, but where can we find common ground? What is our common ground?

I want to explore those questions. I need your help. I have audio/video equipment that The Resurgent wants to purchase so we can go exploring. On top of that, I want to answer your request to start live-streaming my radio show. But I need your help. All the hardware and software is expensive. We need to raise $14,973.79. Right now we have raised $8,530.72, which means we need to raise $6443.07 more.

If you can, please consider contributing. I realize this is like PBS, but The Resurgent really does depend on readers like you. I draw no salary from this site and all the revenue goes to cover overhead. We’ve tried to avoid annoying pop-up ads and auto-play video ads. That means we have left money on the table. But I believe it is the right thing to do, though sometimes we require our readers’ help.

Please give what you can.

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