What Is Wrong With Hillary Clinton?

Hillary has decided to send out surrogates many of whom are as old as she is. What is more important is that Hillary continues to maintain a slow pace on the campaign trail as Bernie Sanders is surging across the country.

Sanders has been far more relentless than Clinton all along. Clinton wants to slow walk to the nomination. She and the DNC coordinated to limit her debates, which they now regret. She did not have a forceful presence early on. She continues to run an anemic campaign. Meanwhile, Bernie aggressively courts more voters around the country and, to spice things up on that side, the media is helping Bernie get the word out.

Relying on Madeline Albright, who has not been in office in the nineties, is a head scratcher in and of itself.

I think Hillary never had a detailed campaign strategy for the primary. It seems like she just expected to snatch it, never wrote out a strategy that could be explained, and is now just throwing stuff at the wall hoping something sticks. In other words, she’s running her campaign like she ran the State Department.

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