What kids learn

It is amazing what Evelyn has picked up on at three years old.

A few weeks ago, she told Christy that she loved Christy very, very much and when she was big she was going to have a baby in her tummy that she would love too.

Then she told Christy that living in Christy’s tummy was her favorite place to live. Why? Because unbeknownst to Christy or me, Evelyn said there’s a slide in there.

Yesterday and today, we took Evelyn to Vacation Bible School at our church. Both days she insisted that she wear a dress. After all, she was going to church. We explained that VBS was different. Nonetheless, she is insistent that she at least wear a skirt instead of shorts.

We have no idea where she gets that from. Christy and I both will wear pants to church. But funny.

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