What Makes Me The Angriest About All of This

In perspective, a few hundred or a few thousand people in Charlottesville, VA protesting and the violence that occurred with it is small. Far more protested after the Inauguration. Far more small businesses were destroyed by anti-free trade radicals in Seattle a few years ago. But people died yesterday. And they died not because Antifa was there or because Black Lives Matter was there or because any other leftwing group was there. People died because white supremacists marched on Charlottesville and when others decided to express their First Amendment rights, a neo-Nazi decided to drive a car through the crowd.

And predictably, just as with the President, tomorrow the President’s defenders in the media will work overtime to draw all sorts of moral equivalence, protect the President, and downplay what happened. They will take the first few sentences I wrote above and use that logic to foundationally excuse it all away or throw blame elsewhere. They will ignore the last bit that people died and would not have died but for the white supremacists.

I have long valued the conservative movement as both realistic regarding the nature of mankind and honest in its willingness to hold its own side accountable. But many of my friends I see on Twitter who were willing to join me in speaking up against the excesses and abuses of President Bush’s Administration have decided they must be silent or on defense now. Those who once agreed with me that we must hold our own side accountable lest the voters do so, now believe they must stay in permanent protect the precious mode.

And what is so extraordinary to me is that privately many of them still claim to agree with me. But publicly, they serve as propagandists, apologists, and defenders of all things Trump.

They have decided battling the left is more important than being honest. In doing so, they have embraced tactics over strategy and the short term over the long. At some point, history repeatedly shows us, the world will turn in a different direction. The pendulum will swing back the other way. And they have been so busy surrendering any moral high ground and all their credibility that they will find themselves ignored in the future, justifiably so.

It is unfortunate to have lost some friends and followers over the present age’s chaos. But I think it is far more important to speak clearly in chaotic times. Too many on the left right now pat themselves on the back and view their own radical activists as morally pure. They are mad at me for stating plainly that Antifa et al are on one side of the same coin shared with these alt-right nutters. They ignore the violence and destruction of their side. They ignore that which fueled James Hodgekinson. They refuse to accept any responsibility. And I see people on the right doing the same in the opposite direction.

When we view each other as enemy and we define our actions as necessary to beating the other side instead of advocating for what we think is right, we become that which we claim to abhor. And we forget that all of this is temporary. It will change. It will end. There will be a day of judgment. And you will find no compassion from He who comes to judge the quick and the dead when you claim access to the Kingdom because you beat the other side.

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