House minority Leader Nancy Pelosi reacts as US President Donald J. Trump delivers his first address to a joint session of Congress from the floor of the House of Representatives in Washington, DC, USA, 28 February 2017. Traditionally the first address to a joint session of Congress by a newly-elected president is not referred to as a State of the Union.

What Might Have Been: Nancy Pelosi Said She Would Have Retired Had Hillary Been Elected

We all know that it doesn’t do any good to play the “what if” speculation games. For instance, we can guess how different this country would have been had Hillary Clinton won, but we just don’t really know for sure.

However, we have learned one way our life would have improved after a Clinton win: Nancy Pelosi has told reporters that she would have retired after Hillary Clinton became president.

“If Hillary had won, I was ready to go home,” Pelosi told reporters Friday, saying she now is motivated to stay to protect Obamacare. “If she were there, then I would not worry about that.”

Pelosi told some colleagues behind closed doors last month that she had intended to retire had Clinton won, which was first reported by POLITICO. And sources close to Pelosi said she’s made similar comments to members “many times” privately.

The House Minority Leader must have been ready to pack up her office to head back to California, because, to hear her tell it, everyone in her circle was utterly confident that Clinton would win.

“None of us thought Hillary would win. We all knew she would win,” Pelosi told reporters. “It was really shocking that somebody like Donald Trump could be president of the United States. … But anyway, that motivated me to stay.”

Many wags have wondered whether Pelosi would stick around after Republicans took back leadership of the House in 2010 – and especially after her near loss of her leadership role after the elections last November. Pelosi has said that her future in Congress is a day to day decision.

So imagine: Capitol Hill free of Nancy Pelosi and her nonsensical utterings. Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it? But would it have been worth four years of a Hillary Clinton presidence? Not a chance.

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