When Being Right Is So Wrong

Does anyone else see the massive hypocrisy of Donald Trump’s “pivot” on immigration? I realize that it’s genuinely good for Trump to “see the light” on attempting to deport 12 million illegals, regardless of their individual situations. Erick rightly gave some credit to Trump for coming to a useful conclusion.

But I have to question, as I have for months, Trump’s genuineness. It’s one thing to really believe that illegal immigration across the Mexican border is the central threat facing America–as Trump has claimed since June 2015, then “evolve.” It’s quite another to repeatedly reject those exact same arguments from his political rivals for months, publicly, in debates, then adopt the very same policies for the general election.

Either Trump was disingenuous then, or he’s disingenuous now, or both. I’m inclined to go with “both.” One thing Trump has never lied about, is that he can become anything he wants. Back in August 2015, he became a hard-right immigration hawk, further to the right than Ted Cruz. He trashed Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio for their soft stance on “touchback amnesty” and a path to legal residency by paying a fine.

Then Trump magically came to the same conclusion, with Sean Hannity holding his hand to help explain the “evolution.”


Pardon my cynicism, but Bush wrote a book in 2014 titled “Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution.” In the book, Bush outlines a six-point solution to illegal immigration. All Trump brought to the party was a wall. At least Ted Cruz believes in his positions and his opposition to the “Gang of Eight” was based on principle not simply what was needed to win.

Trump may be right to make this pivot–objectively right in arriving at perhaps the best solution. But nobody could be more wrong in being right.

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