When Bernie and Liz Speak, Think of This Face

It’s true Bernie Sanders raises tons of campaign cash by protesting that, “America is the only major country on earth that does not guarantee health care to all people as a right.” But if we’re wise, we will realize that while that’s a great line to manipulate people’s emotions, one of the countries he is praising as more compassionate is Britain – the country whose healthcare system would have, if not for the inordinate amounts of media attention, have already killed little Charlie Gard.

Britain guaranteed Charlie Gard the “right” to healthcare. But notice that in so doing, they – the government – got to determine what “healthcare” entails. And when you as a patient want or need a procedure that is outside of what the government defines as “healthcare,” you are out of luck. Does that sound even remotely compassionate?

When their son laid dying in a hospital bed, Charlie Gard’s parents were denied hope by a country that guaranteed Charlie his right to healthcare. I don’t want to be that country. I want to be the country they turn to.  Pass along this week’s 414 Project video with anyone you know who is struggling to understand this.

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