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When Crazy Takes to the Streets

“You will also have to pardon me when I object to my kid having to read stories portraying this as normal so you don’t have to address the fact that either you’ve screwed up your kid or your kid actually has mental health problems.”

If you are a man who identifies as a woman or a woman who identifies as a man, you have a mental health problem. Period. End of story. Or at least it should be the end of the story. Instead, society is being compelled to accept this mental health issue as a new reality where people can identify as wombats. The Today Show ran a story with a perfectly serious tone about an eight year old girl who is “gender-fluid” sometimes going by Abby, but sometimes by Scott or Adam. “Scott was born female and named Abby. But at age 2, the child started identifying as a male. About 30 percent of the time, Scott is Abby, and is Adam 70 percent of the time.”

They treated this as legitimate.

In North Carolina, liberals are boycotting the state because the state legislature actually had to pass a law that said men have to use the men’s bathroom. The legislature had to legislate common sense because liberals insisted that even churches and mosques provide bathrooms for men who want to use the women’s bathroom.

We should not have to legislate common sense, but the left is in an ongoing war to turn reality into subjective terms that the left can control.

If you are a guy who wants to use the woman’s bathroom, you need to chop off a part of your body and until that time use the men’s room. If you have a child who you decide is identifying as a member of the opposite sex, don’t demand that everyone else be forced to accept your child as normal making normal choices.

A kid who can’t decide between pizza and chicken nuggets is not competent to decide that he really is a member of the opposite sex.

If you kid is eating Tide laundry pods and dying, it’s your fault because you failed as a parent. It is not Tide’s fault. It looks like candy to the kid, but adults know it isn’t and shouldn’t leave it around the house easily accessible to kids. In the same way, if your kid finds a loaded handgun and accidentally shoots himself, you’ve failed as a parent and as a responsible gun owner. Responsible parents and gun owners do not leave loaded guns lying around the house. And if your five year old is going to school declaring herself to be boy named Tom, that too is on you, not your five year old.

You do not have to give in to every whim of children and indulge every fantasy. It is called parenting. You can choose to screw up your kid, but pardon me while I point out bad parenting to my children and make sure they understand it is neither normal nor appropriate. You will also have to pardon me when I object to my kid having to read stories portraying this as normal so you don’t have to address the fact that either you’ve screwed up your kid or your kid actually has mental health problems.

University academics and leftwing psychologists are investing in this new order. They are marching in the streets in the name of tolerance while using tolerance as a club to beat down common sense. The people who love science and have embraced science as their god are rejecting basic biology.

In the post-modern era, one can be born sexually attracted to the same sex, but not actually know what gender one is until a time of one’s own choosing. It makes no common sense or scientific sense, but by God the left will invent the pseudo-science to prove its point and censor any legitimate scientist who calls b.s.

In the New York Times, the ever creepy Harris Wofford is announcing that at 90 he is marrying a 40 year old man after 48 years of marriage to a woman. We are not nice people if we declare him weird or a freak. We are supposed to celebrate and not at all suggest something is really off here. Be happy for him because his choice is valid.

There are plenty of serious non-sexual relationships between people of the same sex, but nowadays we are to presume they are all sexual and should, if there is justice, result in a marriage. No, actually. Not everything needs to be paraded in the New York Times nor do all vices and mental health disorders need to be paraded down Main Street in the name of tolerance.

Harris Wofford was creepy in the nineties and this is damn creepy. He shouldn’t be celebrated, he should be psychologically evaluated. And if your five year old boy decides to put on a dress and be called the Queen of Sheba, its either a phase or a disorder. But it surely should not be paraded and the rest of us surely should not be forced to accept it. If you can’t accept a raised eyebrow and a concerned look, the bigotry is on your part demanding that the rest of us either be down with your agenda or silenced.

Crazy is marching down Main Street and we best remember it is crazy, not mainstream. Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominate and then it seeks to silence good. Good and common sense have an obligation to speak up against crazy.

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