When Fake Recounts Hurt The Real Ones

Jill Stein’s fake recount effort is underway in Wisconsin, costing taxpayers millions of dollars. Michigan’s recount could cost another $4 million, money which was raised by Stein’s fundraising blitz. The only point of these recounts is to undermine the public’s faith in these elections, where no evidence or hint of irregularities was found.

In North Carolina, there were actual irregularities. Massive irregularities to the tune of 90,000 ballots added at the last minute in heavily-Democratic Durham County, which quite literally transformed incumbent Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s victory into a defeat by Democratic challenger Roy Cooper.

Durham County reported computer problems early on election day. The county Board of Elections took its electronic voting system offline after problems “popped up” at several precincts. The state went to Donald Trump in the presidential election, but the governor’s race was too close to call well into the night and next morning.

McCrory has never conceded the race, and has continually requested a statewide recount, then a recount in only the counties affected by the software problems. His protests were ignored and dismissed.

It took an officially filed request by a voter in Durham County, along with a separately filed lawsuit, to get the state Board of Elections to move, in a race where the two candidates were separated by 0.1 percent, and obvious, glaring problems were found. Finally, McCrory will get his recount, but only of the 94,000 “last minute” ballots in Durham County.

“What harm would it do to scan these votes and count them so no that one campaign is going to think why wouldn’t they count those votes?” election board member James Baker, a Republican, asked at the hearing.

But Democrats keep complaining about the cost of the recount.

“It is wrong that Governor McCrory continues to waste taxpayer money with false accusations and attempts to delay and that the Republican controlled Board of Elections did not follow the law,” [Cooper campaign manager Trey] Nix said in a statement. “However, Roy Cooper’s lead has grown to over 10,000 votes and after a partial recount of 6 precincts in one county, the outcome of the election will be the same.”

So to Democrats, it’s okay to recount two entire states where no irregularities were found, and the chance of the result being changed is only slightly more than an extinction-level event, at a cost of millions. But it’s a waste of taxpayer money to recount even one county that singlehandedly changed the result of a close race with a dump of 94,000 ballots.

This is why fake recounts hurt. They legitimatize conspiracy theories and delegitimize real problems.

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