When Gays Feel They Have to be Beat Up For Hate’s Sake

Another gay man has faked his own beating.

When officers arrived outside the club after reports of the hate crime from three attackers, they found [Calum] McSwiggan — without any visible injuries, the department said in a statement.

Police then arrested him after spotting the vlogger vandalizing a nearby car.

McSwiggan was held in a cell alone, and was only hospitalized after officers spotted him beating himself with the handle and receiver to a pay phone inside the cell, deputies said.

For some reason, since this kind of violence has essentially never been a problem in America, some in the LGBT community have to make it up. They’ve done it since Mathew Shepard’s drug-related murder was falsely attributed to gay-hate.

They make up beatings, slights, insults, and cake hate that don’t exist outside the imbecilic Westboro “Baptist Church” and other stupid inbred preachers who agree with them.

The kind of “hate” that the American LGBT community has to endure consists of using the bathroom that matches your biological plumbing and clothing; having to choose a different baker or photographer for your wedding; or being forced to listen to Scriptures that indicate your behavior is sinful.

There’s been no armed mobs out in the streets of America rounding up gays and throwing them alive onto bonfires, or lynching them from the nearest tree. There’s no jury-rigging to convict gays of crimes they didn’t commit. There’s no branding or forced badges to be worn on their clothing.

In the last 20 years, gays have gained the privileges of serving honorably in the armed forces and being legally recognized in marriage (by redefining the term into meaninglessness). But idiots like video blogger (“vlogger”) McSwiggan think they need to perpetuate the myth that gays are beaten on a regular basis.

I think the best way to deal with this isn’t to waste prison space here in America. We should simply give them a one-way ticket to Saudi Arabia.

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