When the Civilities Columnist is a Jackass

I just had to roll my eyes at this column by a “civilities” columnist in the Washington Post.

Back in 2005, the columnist went to a fancy restaurant with a bathroom attendant who was kind enough to open the door to the men’s restroom for the guy. The columnist, instead of thanking the employee doing his job, proceeded to lecture the employee about gender identity back in 2005.

The year: 2005. The city: New York. The place: a nice restaurant — the kind with bathroom attendants who hand you a towel after you finish your business. I was having dinner with some LGBT colleagues when I excused myself and headed to the facilities — one labeled for men, the other for women, facing each other across a small hallway. Between them stood an employee, who looked me up and down and opened the men’s room door for me.

How polite? Hardly. Instead of thanking him, I explained how presumptuous he had been in deciding my bathroom preference for me. I tried in vain to explain how “gender identity” (the way individuals perceive themselves) is different from “biological sex” (generally indicated by a person’s genitalia, or sex assigned at birth).

First, I’m not sure I believe the story. It was 2005 and if this guy was that big into gender identity in 2005, he has serious issues because it wasn’t really a percolating issue.

Second, instead of recognizing that he was the one being rude, he lectures an employee doing a job.

Third, the nutshell of his piece is that if a man looks like a man, but identifies as a woman, he should be able to use the women’s restroom. That’s pretty damn selfish. He goes into a women’s restroom in 2005 or even 2016 and he could deservedly be sprayed with mace.

That’s the damndest thing about this gender identity nonsense. It is a mental health issue suffered by maybe one percent of the population and the rest of us can be made to be uncomfortable for the comfort of this small percentage of mental health sufferers.


The world is upside down on this stuff. Society should not upend itself and *cough* science to make make people suffering a mental health issue feel better about themselves.

A man going into a women’s restroom is bound to make a lot of women uncomfortable. But these transgender advocates do not care and continue to push and push and push. It is way past time to push back. Ten years ago — heck, five years ago — no one would have thought “bathroom ordinances” were necessary. Now? Well, now you will be made to care.

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