When the Ted Cruz Affair Rumor Got Away From Team Rubio

Around six months ago, people who supported Ted Cruz were pushing a rumor about Marco Rubio having an affair with a lobbyist in Florida. The Cruz campaign itself was not responsible for the rumor, but people who supported Cruz were pushing the rumor.

The story went nowhere because it was not true. But around the time of the South Carolina primary, Trump supporters snatched up the rumor, pinned a name to the lobbyist, and began spreading it all over social media. As Rubio faded, so too did the Trump supporter zeal for the story.

Once the Rubio affair rumor got started, Rubio supporters reciprocated. They not only alleged Cruz was having an affair, but came up with a name that, ironically, turned out to be a spokesgal for another Presidential campaign. As the Daily Beast notes, it was Rubio supporters who got the whole rumor started. The campaign had no involvement. I was one of a number of people contacted by reporters investigating the story.

Like with the Rubio affair rumor, the Trump supporters took it to a whole new level. Not only did the allegation morph from one affair allegedly caught on tape, but it became multiple women. Any woman employed by Cruz suddenly was also his mistress.

Two friends of mine, one a very good friend, have been smeared. A separate friend has seen pictures of his children circulate twitter as evidence of Ted Cruz’s love children with my friend.

The Trump supporters have stooped to new lows of character assassination, smears, and outright evil. Given that the story wound up at the Enquirer, which has a relationship of sorts with Trump, and Trump employees have joined in the character assassinations of purported Cruz mistresses, I have no doubt that Trump supporters pushed this to the next level and got it to the Enquirer.

The rumor got away from the Rubio people, some of whom will go to their grave convinced it is true. They launched the Fiendfyre and could not control it. The Trumpkins then latched on to it and are now, with reckless abandon, ruining lives.

The irony of all of this is that it continues to fly in the face of the Cruz narrative that the Rubio supporters, in large part, helped build. Ted Cruz is a cunning, calculated man who has craved the Presidency and will do anything to get it.

A man like that would not engage in a series of affairs. But then some people hate Cruz so much, they’ll believe anything no matter how contradictory it is to their other views.

The Ted Cruz affair story is a lie. It is a lie that is hurting real families and harming the reputations of good people. That Trump supporters, and even some Rubio supporters, do not care says more about them than it does Ted Cruz.

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