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When They Start Acting Like It

You know how we know environmentalist fears about global warming are overstated? Because they don’t act like their fears are real. When Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore give up private flights for vegetable oil powered VW minivans, perhaps we might start believing it is real. The environmentalist left flies into hysteria over global warming, which they now call climate change, while in many cases trying to block nuclear energy. Likewise, the environmentalist elite refuse to give up their private jets, huge homes, and fleet of cars.

You know how we know the Trump campaign isn’t focused on winning? Because they are not acting like they are focused on winning. Trump is pushing aside the campaign advisors who have been urging him to show he does have the temperament to be President. He has been spending a lot of time in states like Connecticut that he has no chance in hell of winning while telling people he’s going to make California viable. His supporters, instead of trying to persuade people to support Trump, take the “convert or die” approach. If you aren’t with Trump, you’re not persuadable, you’re the enemy.

When the Trump campaign starts acting like it is focused on winning, I’ll then treat them as if they think they have a shot. But in the meantime, they aren’t acting that way in the same way the environmentalist left is not acting like the threats they claim are real threats.

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