When Wives Don’t LIsten To Their Husbands

Me: Evie, you don’t need to play with Mommy’s nail polish.

Evie: But I want it.

Christy: It’s okay.

Me: Are you sure?

Christy: Yes.

[Erick exits to get lunch] [Erick comes home]

Christy: It’s all your fault?

Erick: What?

Christy: Well . . .

[Evelyn enters the kitchen with nail polish painted all up her legs and arms]

Erick: Hrumph.

Christy: It’s all your fault.

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  • Erickson, technically, it is ALL YOUR fault. Anything the boys do that is bad is of course their father’s fault. The whole paying for your raising thing because of course the angelic mother would never have done ANYTHING like that. SO funny. She is just a joy! Sending love always

  • Seriously? You remember the conversation like this? With me telling you it’s your fault? Because what I remember is finally figuring out that you saw Evie with the top off the polish, and I said, “No wonder you thought I had lost my mind.” Clearly, that would be taking the blame myself.

    But that wouldn’t make for nearly as good of a story. Oh well.

  • I hope you got a picture….you have to save the really good ones to show at her wedding!

  • Obviously, “Are you sure?” has different meanings to women than it does to us men. (Just kidding.)

    On that note, I DO find it very mildly frustrating when my wife asks for my opinion about something, get’s my answer, then asks me “Are you sure?”.

    (Please keep in mind this is usually about going out to eat somewhere, or to do something, to which I typically answer that wherever she’d like is fine; or I suggest something I know she’d like too, so I’m not just being a jerk. Also, I usually ask in response if she has a preference for something else instead.)

    In the eleven years we’ve been married, I’ve never said anything remotely like “Even though I took my time to consider my answer before, now that you ask, I’m changing my mind.” I think she may have to wait at least another 11 years before I do – and then probably only under the influence of a bad case of influenza or the like.