Where Are the Evangelical Super Very Best Friends?

When Jared Kushner went before the Senate, Donald Trump’s evangelical super very best friends rushed out with coordinated statements saying Kushner is a great guy. When Trump defended Planned Parenthood, they defended Trump. Some of them even defended his Access Hollywood tape.

So where are they now? Will they dare come out to defend the President’s moral equivocating? Or will they have the decency to publicly, even if diplomatically, suggest the President got it wrong. My guess is that they will use the President’s most recent statement to claim he got it right, but everyone needs to notice that they were silent on Saturday.

They were silent in their pulpits. Well, not all of them. Franklin Graham had the audacity to defend the President’s Saturday comments on his Facebook page.

Many of these pastors support the Christian adoption community and many in that community have adopted children who do not share their new parents’ race. The alt-right has a particular habit of attacking these families. And the silence of President Trump’s evangelical super very best friends will only give aid and comfort to the alt-right.

These people have decided that instead of cleanliness, access is next to godliness and they would rather stay silent than counsel the President or publicly disagree with him. Their prayers seek a seat at his table instead of the advancement of God’s kingdom and they convince themselves the former helps the latter when it does no such thing.

Shame on them. It is telling that CEOs of major corporations are acting as the moral centers here, resigning from Presidential boards, while the pastors are either silent or on defense.

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