Where Are They?

Bill Kristol has a very thought provoking look at the iissue of WMD in Iraq.

The inspectors never were able to account for all of Saddam’s weapons. So the question is, what happened to them? No one has adequately answered that question. Not Kay. Not Blix. Not Howard Dean or Ted Kennedy. Not the Bush administration. Maybe we just got one answer: Some of those weapons are still there in Iraq, and they’re being used against our troops.

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  • There is plenty of evidence (satellite photos) that the weapons were moved to Syria. No doubt, many are still in Iraq, buried somewhere. UN resolution 1441 states Iraq had to “PROVE THE WMD’S WERE DESTROYED”. The burden of proof was not on the US, it was on Iraq. Iraq would not / could not prove they were destroyed.

    Just about every political leader world wide (even our elected liberals including Clinton) stated Iraq had WMD’s and were in process of obtaining more. Somehow these political leaders have forgotten their own words…or are trying to convince America to forget what they originally said and “blame Bush”. We will win Iraq and establish some form of a democracy in that region of the world.
    A new prosperous economy where the Iraq people can have jobs, education, take care of their families and have a future will replace terrorism and hostile aggression to free societies. It worked in Japan and Germany…many liberals of the day stated we were wrong then too.