Where’s The Media Orgasm Over Ted Cruz’s Showing?

When Marco Rubio finished third in Iowa, after spending a ton of money, the media could not contain itself. It was like their chairs were vibrating on election night. The gasps and sweaty palms and yells of “Marco” overwhelmed and dominated all other coverage. In fact, subsequent to Rubio’s Iowa loss, news networks covered how the news networks covered Rubio.

In New Hampshire last night, having spent less money than any other candidate, Ted Cruz came in third when the polling averages had Cruz in fourth place and some individual polls had him in a worse position.

Cruz spent approximately $18.00 per vote for third place while Rubio spent $508.00 for fifth place in New Hampshire. Bush spent $1200.00 for fourth place. Even Ben Carson outspent Ted Cruz in New Hampshire.

Cruz now has more money on hand than much of the rest of the GOP field combined and more than any single GOP candidate. As the race heads rapidly toward a Cruz v. Trump race, the media response is going to be very interesting to watch and I suspect it will be decidedly against Ted Cruz.

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