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Jim DeMint Surges

From Pennsylvania and Pat Toomey to Florida and Marco Rubio, the GOP is coming home to Jim DeMint. There are still days to go in Indiana for the GOP to go to Marlin Stutzman too. A poll came out with an odd sample spread over a week in which Jim DeMint endorsed Stutzman, Mike Huckabee endorsed Stutzman, etc. And the polling didn’t pick any of that up. Everyone knows this is Dan Coats’s race to lose. We should help him lose it.

What’s sad is that the grassroots have beaten the NRSC in Pennsylvania and Florida and looks on the way to giving the NRSC a run for its money in Indiana, Colorado, California, and elsewhere. Why sad? We should be working together, not against each other. But the NRSC has decided to shun the base and dictate from Washington out of touch with the people affected by the dictates.

By the way, where is Sarah Palin on Indiana? Her silence is curious given the aggressiveness in which she has endorsed against the establishment. Her voice or silence could be key. Governor, there is still time to be bold and Go Marlin.

Rubio Wins

The story everyone is missing is simple: Marco Rubio won the Republican Primary in Florida. He now becomes the biggest threat to the Democrats in the nation. Why? Rubio is Cuban/Hispanic/Latino (whatever the media kids are saying these days) and Democrats believe they have a monopoly on non-white politicians at that level. They will unload everything on him while Charlie Crist is trying to find an orange man group to belong to (how many people just thought of John Boehner too?).

The GOP and Diversity

The media narrative has for so long been that the Republican Party is the party of white guys. And among the establishment it is true. The NRSC lined up behind Charlie Crist, shunning the Latino. In Texas, the establishment compelled Kay Bailout Hutchison to stay in the Senate instead of taking a chance on Michael Williams, a black man.

So the . . . wait for it . . . moderates in the GOP are shutting out other candidates, but conservatives are lining up behind people like Ted Cruz and Michael Williams in Texas, Nikki Haley in South Carolina, and Marco Rubio in Florida.

While the media is playing up divisions among Republicans, it is the GOP that saw everyone rally to elect a pro-choice senator in Massachusetts and will now rally to elect a Latino in Florida. When’s the last time the Democrats rallied to a pro-lifer? But let’s not spoil the narrative and talk about Democrat divisions.


The Democrats are out with their “framework” for immigration. The media is trying its best to treat the Democrats seriously. Don’t.

The Democrats are masters of the race card — it’s like three card monty with Latinos, blacks, and women in the deck. They just keep shuffling them up and trying to obfuscate what’s going on. Don’t believe me? The President intentionally left out white people from his “We’re Doomed” speech. The Democrats think if they fire up on immigration they can head into November without all but the most liberal of white voters who are perfectly fine with socialism.

In this case, the Dems have no interest in actually pushing immigration legislation. They’ve just had a few bad weeks at the polls and need to get their election game face on. So they’ll pull out a few race cards and throw them on the table to have the media turn them into trump cards. Two days ago Senator Bob Menendez said Arizona was going to be the “show us your papers” state. Yesterday the Democrats’ immigration plan contained a provision to require everyone to show papers to get a job. This morning the Democrats are trying to get “Springtime for Hitler” adopted as Arizona’s state anthem. They’ve demagogued on race for so long, Democrats don’t know how to have an honest discussion about it.

The first few pages of their plan (yeah, I have a copy) make it look like a massive new government jobs program (funding, agents, administrative staff, new ports of entry, equipment, blah, blah)…

It doesn’t require the border to be secure or set a benchmark for verifying reduced illegal entry before amnesty takes effect, just that money be spent and government agents be hired. And oh yes, there is amnesty.

The Spin

The media buys the Democrats’ spin that we’re not going to round up all the illegals and throw them out. We’ve entered a perverse realm where people act shocked that being illegal is . . . illegal.

So since we can’t round up all the illegals and deport them, we are going to surrender the war on terror. That’s the ultimate outcome of the logic. I mean, heck, they tell us we’ll never stop having people wanting to kill us. So we’re all going to commit suicide — at least culturally.

Hey, you people getting your knickers in a wad, I’m just playing along with the logic that says we must give up because the goal is impossible.

And the Quick Hits

(A) Priorities

National Journal Group is going through a reorganization. They are ditching columnist Stuart Taylor, but they’ll be keeping on Andrew Sullivan so he can keep investigating Trig Palin.

Isn’ it pathetic by the way that the media would much rather focus on birthers than on a prominent media group’s start blogger obsessing about Trig Palin’s parentage? But no, there is no bias.

(B) Goldman Interferes with SEC’s Porn Watching

The SEC is sending the Goldman Sachs investigation to the Justice Department. In addition to the investigation distracting the SEC from its porn habit, the Obama Administration wants to play tough guy to its friends it claims it didn’t get all that money from.

By the way, Goldman et al stand to make billions off of the Financial Deform bill that is allegedly designed to crack down on Wall Street.

(C) White House’s Oil

The White House is playing a greater role in the Gulf of Mexico oil slick. You’d expect Obama to reconsider his alleged off-shore drilling proposal except he won’t because that proposal really didn’t do anything anyway.

(D) Something Wicked This Way Comes

Our media doesn’t understand the European Financial Crisis as it should, but in a nutshell our prices are about to start going up as the financial crisis spreads. This is not going to end well and the spill over will be painful.

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