Whistling Past the Graveyard

Whats missing inside the cacophonous white noise that daily emanates from both the Democratic Party and the MSM?

One of the more famous Sherlock Holmes stories is “The Dog That Didn’t Bark”. A quick summation is that nobody heard the dog bark because he recognized the villain. There is a dog not barking now, and the silence is becoming deafening.

A quick google search on AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, UAW President Dennis Williams, United Mine Workers President Cecil Roberts, or Teamsters President James Hoffa is quite educating. There are virtually no public statements in support of what was at one time the party they controlled.

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Unintended Consequences whereby immediate interest override long-term interest are equally duplicative when considering the plight of the blue collar worker and today’s socialist democratic party. What the leaders of The Resistance don’t seem to understand is while progressive liberals hear their message one way, the blue collar worker hears something diametrically different. And what they are hearing is fast becoming a foreign language. Whether it was President Obama’s infamous quote: “flyover country clinging to their guns and bibles.”, Hillary Clinton’s calculated disappearance act, total obstruction by The Resistance, or even the Ninth Circuit’s absurd ruling, what they are hearing is Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary’s now famous quote “You’re dead to me!”

Democratic leadership has overlooked and marginalized this long-time party bedrock, and the result is a new member within the Republican tent. One that will require attentive care and feeding. In any case, its good practice, chances are there is another group coming in right behind them.

Theodore Hallam, a prominent Kentucky Democrat in the late 19th century once stated, “If the Democrats of Kentucky, in convention assembled, nominated a yaller dog for governor, I would vote for him.”

When asked why he was such a virulent critic of the 1900 Kentucky Democratic Gubernatorial candidate after having made such a bold statement, Hallam’s reply rings eerily applicable today:

“I admit that I said then what I now repeat, namely, that when the Democratic Party of Kentucky, in convention assembled, sees fit in its wisdom to nominate a yaller dog for the governorship of this great state, I will support him — but lower than that ye shall not drag me!”

In their silence, it appears the “yeller dog” is not longer barking, and the Democratic Party is blithely whistling past its graveyard.

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