White Liberals Choosing a White Guy Over a Woman in Georgia

One liberal last night on Twitter, after it was clear Handel would go into a runoff, attacked her as “childless.” He later deleted the tweet, but declared his support of Ossoff because he thinks Karen Handel would support “big government having its mits on my daughter and her body choice.” He, of course, is okay with big government paying for abortions.

It is a fascinating dynamic.

Karen Handel actually resigned from the Susan G. Komen Foundation after it walked away from its decision to stop giving to Planned Parenthood. The left is outraged by that. The left claims they support women for office, but it became apparently last night that only women who support killing children can get the left’s support.

The result is that liberals across America are going to rally to a thirty year old white guy who does not even live in the district he wants to represent instead of sending the first Republican woman from Georgia to Congress. What is more funny is that the Democratic delegation from Georgia is 100% non-white and the entire Georgia delegation is 100% male. Consequently, the left would rather send one more white guy and bring diversity to the Democrat delegation.

They really don’t care about equal rights or women. What they care about is killing kids. Because Karen Handel does not favor it, they’ll attack her as childless, which they typically like, and claim she can have no authority on the issue, but a childless, white male can.

The logic of the left never has consistency unless you remember that abortion is their chief sacrement and religious rite. All other considerations come after it, particularly when they have a candidate who supports it with a government subsidy.

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