White Russian

See that title? “White Russian”. It has absolutely nothing to do with this blog but I know you people are a bunch of drunks so I figured this would draw you in.  It’s called “marketing”. Learn about it.

Anyway, there seems to be a bit of confusion from media types with “college degrees” about why most Americans don’t care about Russia’s election involvement.  The answer is pretty simple but nobody seems to want to hear it: IT’S VIEWED AS A POLITICAL ISSUE!!

Do I want Russia sticking their commie noses in my country’s election?  Of course not.  I’d prefer our elections be determined by the votes of real Americans and the illegal immigrants.  And now that Russia tried, I’d like to see them punished for it.  Maybe some sanctions.  Maybe some more aggressive steroid testing at the next Olympics.  You know, whatever works.

BUT, and this is important, you have robbed me and every person I know of the ability to care because you made it all about Trump.  When every major news network spends six months saying “HACKED ELECTION!” and “TREASON!!”, don’t ask me to take you seriously when you call for congressional investigations.  We have Tim Kaine, a United States Senator calling it “potential treason”.  Russia’s involvement in our election became an excuse-making campaign for Hillary’s Hindenburg election performance and a club with which to beat Donald Trump.

So I don’t care.  And every non-political person I know doesn’t either.  I bring it up to them to gauge if it moves the needle.  All they say back to me is “they’re trying to get Trump” or “that’s too much salt Jesse”.

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