Who Backs Whom

Captain Ed links to the story that North Korea supports Gigolo John.

Let’s just take on this issue for a moment.

A large portion of the world hates the United States. They see us as pushy, bossy, and uncontrollable. They see us as a bunch of warmongers.

We are at war.

So, the rest of the world is backing the guy who they view as less of a warmonger, or not a warmonger at all.

We are at war.

What does that say about the rest of world? I think it says they want us to give up. They either want us beat or want us to cave. But, this is a war where the enemy is bent on our destruction. So, how do we give up, short of surrender?

We are at war. We either surrender or play to win. There is no other choice. Those who think we are warmongers have the luxury of thinking that. They were not attacked. They have lost all ideology and so they stand for nothing and nothing is rarely attacked.

We stand for something. We stand for liberty and freedom. We stand for the ability of the individual to choose his or her own destiny. We represent hope for tomorrow.

We can run, but our enemies who the rest of the world do not yet feel threatened by will seek out our destruction. We can either play to win, or we can sit back and let them drive us from the world and contain us in our borders. We can give up our global reach and sit back and say “Yes Sir” to the terrorists, or we can fight them.

We are at war.

North Korea, one of those countries that doesn’t share our view of the world, is a dictatorial regime that enslaves its population and exterminates its citizens in an Asian version of the holocaust.

We are at war.

North Korea wants John Kerry a/k/a Gigolo John to be President. North Korea views the United States as an evil blight in a world that should be Communist. They don’t want peace. They want us destroyed.

We are at war.

Do you want to vote for the guy North Korea wants us to vote for?

We are at war.

The leader of North Korea is an egomaniacal sociopath who believes himself a sort of god. He murders at his pleasure, he is paranoid, he lives a luxurious life while he runs his country into the ground (sounds like a typical liberal except for the murder part Ed.–what about the weather underground, Mumia, etc? Point.)

This “Dear Leader” who murders at his pleasure, is paranoid, lives luxuriously while starving his people wants us to vote for John “Gigolo” Kerry. That should tell you something.

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