President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015, in Washington. (AP Photo/Mandel Ngan, Pool)

Who Cares About the State of the Union Address?

What a waste of network air time.

The President of the United States is going to stand up before Congress, give a laundry list of things he wants to get done, and within forty-eight to seventy-two hours it will all be forgotten and nothing will get done.

Instead, the speech will be morally preening where the President gets to semi-politely attack the other side to their faces and threaten to do things even if congress objects. It will all be theater, complete with Clint Eastwood’s empty seat. Eastwood should, by the way, totally show up and sit in the empty seat.

The Republicans will respond by inviting victims of this Administration’s agenda. From Kim Davis of Kentucky to Little Sisters of the Poor (awesome invite by Speaker Ryan right there), they will all sit on their hands while the Democrats cheer about climate change, gay rights, and how racist those Americans are who do not want in terrorists hiding as refugees. I hope the Republicans have invited someone who actually gunned down a bad guy.

Regardless, not a damn thing will change. Nothing will improve for the average American. No one will remember the speech by sunrise.

The only excitement of the night comes when Nikki Haley gives a response. The only memorable response from either party has been Christie Todd Whitman, who I am no fan of, who did it from the New Jersey legislature back during the Clinton Administration. It was well delivered to a live audience. It looked like a mini-SOTU.

The press and pundits will mouth off tonight about what a grand and glorious exercise this is. They will give play by play commentary on the pomp and circumstance of the event as if they are football analysts and commentators. But tomorrow? Nothing.

The next day? Nothing. A year from now? It will be some new President giving his speech and guess what? The odds are that not much will happen with it either.

The State of the Union has become a wasted exercise of a President playing King. They should bring back the written State of the Union, go on a road tour, and stop interrupting prime time television.

And you know what? The state of our union is not all that strong right now. The nation is divided, in an economic mess, and beset on all sides by enemies. But by God the President is going to tell us just how strong our union is right now. He will lie, the congress will cheer, and nothing will change.

The whole thing is theater and there are plenty of better shows competing.

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