"Portland, OR, USA - April 3, 2012: Sign for the Salvation Army on a building in downtown. The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization which, according to its website, aims to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination."

Who Will Rid Us of These Christians? They’ve Done Something Else Now.

If you believe in the “imaginary sky god” you are treated with utter contempt by the left these days. Your Jesus is a bigot unless he is not the real Jesus and you people are contemptible bigots. In Georgia, even the Republicans hate you and are planning on revising adoption laws to prohibit Christians from helping the state place children in adoption and foster families. You would think Christians would learn from all of this, but instead they have gone and done something even more ridiculous to highlight just how absurd they are.

Christians across America have contributed more personal funds and more sweat equity than any other group in organized efforts helping the people of Texas and now Florida and Georgia due to Harvey and Irma. In fact, Christian non-profits like the North American Mission Board, Salvation Army, and Samaritan’s Purse have been more active in helping FEMA than the Red Cross or other secular non-profits. In fact, in Miami, the Red Cross did not even show up to run shelters that were designated as Red Cross shelters.

But those silly Christians have stepped in. They have proven even more ridiculous because FEMA will not help Christian churches damaged by Harvey or Irma rebuild. Everybody else can get disaster relief funds to help rebuild destroyed property, but not those Christians. They are on their own. And still they keep helping FEMA and everyone else.

Christian non-profits were the first on the scene after Harvey and were the first on the scene as Irma was blowing through Florida and Georgia. They took on the obligations of other non-profits that did not show up to help. And really, as every good Democrat knows, these Christians should not be out doing anything other than baking cakes for gay weddings. They’re just so ridiculous.

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