Why Are You So Intent on Telling Us The Race is Over?

It’s simple really. Because Donald Trump and his goons would have you believe the race is being stolen. They’d undermine the legitimacy of the process because they did not get their way. They are behaving like spoiled children and sore losers.

It is incumbent upon the rest of us to point out that the race is not being stolen, the polling is correct, and this was obvious the moment Trump became the Republican nominee.

It is not a self fulfilling prophesy. It is just truth.

And it does not help Trump that he is out there claiming the race is rigged and being stolen because all that is going to do is discourage his supporters from even participating, making the damage far worse down the ballot.

The GOP now needs to save the House and Senate.

Trump’s idiot twitter warriors can lie and bluster and troll all they want. They will never admit they were suckers or that their guy is a loser. But on November 8th they will be responsible for Hillary Clinton’s election. They took advantage of a crowded field, were able to get their guy the nomination with 36% of the primary vote, and then lost to the most disliked politician in modern American history … well, most disliked except for their guy.

You know, when we tell you that pointing a loaded gun at your head and pulling the trigger will kill you, it is not our fault when you do it.

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