Why Florida is Trump’s best swing state

Florida is not like the other battleground states, where Trump is losing big. Here’s why.

What you must understand to win: “Florida is a state, not a place.” That’s the main argument in a handy primer that [Steve] Schale, the Democrat who worked for Obama, posted on his personal blog last week. The state lacks much commonality or shared experience, and almost everyone has come from somewhere else. “The old saying about Florida is you go north to go south,” he writes. “North Florida feels like the traditional south, with large rural areas, conservative towns like Jacksonville and Pensacola, liberal college towns, etc., while the rest of the state feels like wherever it came from. Go to Tampa, or most anywhere on the west coast, and there is more of a Midwestern feel – as most who got there, came down the I-75 corridor. The east coast can feel more northeastern in attitude, homage to the I-95 corridor that brought them here. There is also a coastal/interior split.”

I’ve personally spent lots and lots of time in Florida, and I’ve been everywhere in the state, from Jacksonville to Pensacola, to Fort Myers, to Miami, Orlando, Indian River and the Space Coast. Schale is absolutely right. Trump may win Florida because Miami/Dade just isn’t enough for Clinton.

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